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Company Profile

  HK Danone Industrial Ltd, with a strong team of senior professional engineers in field of battery pack-manufacturing and PCBA-manufacturing  , established in 2008 years and began to get involved in Emergency power supply( portable power source or built-in battery pack or lithium iron battery )  from 2009 until now. HK Danone Ltd has advanced production base in shenzhen, China, owning first-class equipments, advanced technology and scientific management, offering stable and reliable battery products and power solution.

The range of our products:

----->Power bank for mobile phone or auto(5v or 12v device )
(banco de la energía, banca di potere, банк силы)

----->18650 lithium battery pack
(batería de litio,batteria al litio,Батарея литиевая)

----->Lithium polymer battery pack
(Paquete de baterías de polímero de litio,Batteria ai polimeri di litio,Литий-полимерный аккумулятор)

----->Intelligent lithium battery
(Batería de litio Inteligente,Batteria al litio intelligente,Интеллектуальный литиевая батарея
----->Square lithium battery
(Batería de litio Square, Batteria al litio Piazza,Площадь литиевая батарея)

----->Lithium iron phosphate battery
(Baterías de fosfato de hierro de litio, batteria al litio ferro fosfato,Литий фосфат железа батареи )

----->Storage batteries
(Acumuladores,  accumulatori, аккумуляторы)

----->Lithium battery charger
(Cargador de baterías de litio, Carica batterie al litio,Литиевая батарея зарядное устройство)

----->Import lithium battery
(Batería de litio de importación, Batteria al litio Import, Импорт литиевая батарея)

The range of application:
*battery for industial equipment
*battery for Medical equipment
*battery for Consumer electronics (power bank,mobile phone,electronic cigarette)
*battery for power tool /auto
*battery for Energy storage
*battery for Transportation tool(car/auto,electronic bike,motorcycle)


with professional service,it has established good reputations and received recognition from all our customers. warmly welcome to visit and give advice. “rapid response, customer satisfaction” is our service purpose.


Tel: 0086-0755-27066899 E_mail: info@cddline.com